Industry rebel Onewheel launches a premium off-road electric board


In the world of electric skateboards, Onewheel has always gone its own way. And that’s never been more true than with its latest launch, the new Onewheel GT-S Series Rally Edition.

Unlike most electric skateboards, which use a conventional four-wheel design, Onewheel is true to its name, offering a self-balancing board with just a single wheel.

That massive pneumatic tire in the center of the board gives a unique riding experience, unlike other boards, by combining the self-balancing feature of an old-school Segway with the stance of a skateboard.

Due to their larger center wheel, Onewheels have long been popular for riding on trails and other off-road scenarios. But now with the new Onewheel GT-S Series Rally Edition, the brand has kicked it up a notch. The recenlty-launched board includes a new 6-inch central hub motor offering increased tire volume, a higher performance tire, and a new feature known as Recurve Rails.

According to Future Motion, the company behind the Onewheel, “Recurve Rails, developed in collaboration with the Onewheel Factory Pro Team, utilize a new asymmetric rail geometry to offer improved control and leverage without sacrificing clearance to handle the most rugged terrain and the steepest gradients.”

“The Original GT S-Series has earned its place in the hearts of Onewheel enthusiasts ready to take their ride to the next level with its power, speed, and torque to conquer anything you throw at it. The Onewheel GT S-Series with Recurve Rails now sets an even higher standard for comfort and control,” said Kyle Doerksen, Future Motion CEO and the inventor of Onewheel. “It’s been super impressive to see how it’s enabled our Factory Team Riders to crush mountain bike terrain and single track trails with ease, and I can’t wait to see how it pushes riding progression forward.”

But getting that new, higher-performance ride won’t come cheap. The board starts at US $3,500, and a lower-cost version with the company’s existing 6.5-inch hub motor will retail for US $3,200. For existing GT S-Series owners, Future Motion is offering a factory service replacement to upgrade their boards with Recurve Rails for US $450, including shipping and installation.

The good news is that along with the Rally Edition launch, Future Motion has announced a US $300 price reduction on the original GT S-Series, which is now available for US $2,900.

“Early in S-Series production, we were shipping parts next-day air to our factory to get boards built in time to keep pace with demand,” said Director of Marketing Jack Mudd. “Now that we’ve got the S-Series in mass production, we’re able to pass some savings along to our riders. It’s the dream riding experience and was worth every penny at $3,200, and now at $2,900, it’s even greater value.” 

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