Mercedes-Benz is the latest automaker offering steep discounts on 2023 EV models


Mercedes-Benz is joining a wave of automakers offering significant discounts on its 2023 EV models as it looks to clear inventory. The 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS is being offered at up to $20,000 off MSRP, but the deals won’t last long.

Mercedes ups discounts to clear 2023 EQS EV models

Mercedes launched the EQS electric sedan in the US in the fall of 2021. The following August, it began building the EQS SUV and its batteries at its Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama.

With plans to launch a refreshed EQS sedan later this year, old models are going on clearance.

According to a recent dealer note (via CarsDirect), 2023 Mercedes EQS EV models could feature up to $20,000 in discounts off MSRP. However, you may have to act fast because the deal only runs through April 1st, and vehicles are running out quickly.

On its website, 2023 EQS models are listed with a $7,500 lease bonus cash offer. However, in fine print, Mercedes says the offer also includes a $9,699 dealer contribution. According to CarsDirect, this can go up to $10,000.

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+ (Source: Mercedes-Benz)

Mercedes is offering the deal on the EQS SUV and sedan models. It’s good when buying or leasing.

Online auto research firm CarsDirect states Mercedes is offering a new “Full-Court Press” Cash incentive worth up to $10,000 on the AMG EQS Sedan.

With stackable incentives, the 2023 Mercedes EQS AMG is up to $20,000 off MSRP. Meanwhile, the EQS 580 gets $7,500, and the EQS 450 receives a $5,000 discount.

Mercedes-Benz kicks off EQS SUV production in Alabama (Source: Mercedes-Benz)

Having said that, these deals won’t last long, and inventory is extremely limited. The new 2024 models are only eligible for a $1,000 incentive, with no other discounts currently being offered.

The new offers come after other automakers, including Volkswagen, Ford, and Hyundai, also introduced significant deals to clear out EV models.

If you’re looking for deals on Mercedes EQS models in your area, we can help you get started. You can use our link to find deals on Mercedes EQS EVs at a dealer near you.

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