Best look at Tesla Cybertruck’s powered frunk yet


We get our best look at the Tesla Cybertruck frunk with a new sighting with the automatic closing in action.

The front trunk, or frunk, is a popular feature with electric vehicles. It is enabled by electric motors being much smaller than combustion engines.

With the advent of electric pickup trucks, some are excited about the possibility of having large front trunks – enabling an enclosed cargo area on top of a large open bed in the back.

In the case of the Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla seems to be always providing a tonneau cover for the bed, but another cargo area could still be very useful. For example, if you used your bed to carry building materials, you could use the front trunk for things that you want to keep cleaner.

With the few electric pickups on the market, we have seen a wide range of different frunk sizes.

We already have caught glimpses of the Cybertruck’s frunks in previous sightings, but now we get our best look at it in action with the powered frunk closing:

We can also see the lights inside the frunk for the first time. It looks like one on each side.

Tesla engineers have been spotted sitting in it in the past and some speculated that it looked like the floor could be flat with the opening – basically making it a bench, but we now see that there’s a bump at the edge:

It could still be used as a decent bench for tailgating or frunkgaiting, I guess?

We can also see that the Cybertruck logo in a cyberpunk-like font that Tesla trademarked early in the Cybertruck program is going to be front and center in the frunk.

Finally, it looks to be of a decent size. Maybe not as deep as some hoped, but it does look like it could fit two large carry-on luggage or even many a golf bag.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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